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copy of 6 Cups Chemex Coffee Maker

The most special coffee maker for your quality coffee.
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CHEMEX® offers the purest taste experience

The CHEMEX pour-over coffee maker is an icon in the world of coffee. One of the most coveted coffee makers by baristas.

Simple and easy to use with an elegant and timeless design.

Coffee maker manufactured in non-porous borosilicate glass that does not absorb odors or chemical residues.

What makes the Chemex coffee machine special is that the entire extraction process can be controlled exhaustively, so we can obtain a customized coffee in 5 minutes.

Use CHEMEX FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100 Filters or size 4 paper filters.

The set includes

- 1 Pure glass jug (capacity up to 6 cups)

- 1 Wooden collar

- 1 Leather band

- Filters not included (our 4 filters are compatible)

Its characteristic hourglass shape has been designed based on laboratory flasks. Thanks to its design, a unique and nuanced coffee can be made.

The Chemex coffee maker has won numerous awards for 60 years.


We explain how to prepare the perfect coffee in your Chemex filter coffee maker:

Chemex Instructions

1- Place the filter on the inner face of the upper cone of the coffee maker, leaving the 3 layers towards the pouring vertex.

2- Rinse the filter with hot water (not boiling) to eliminate bad tastes, while also preheating the coffee maker. You can use a kettle. It is recommended to use mineral water or quality water.

3- Eliminate all the excess water.

4- Place the ground coffee, medium grind. The recommended amount of coffee is 30 grams for every ½ liter.

5- Make a pre-infusion by pouring a little very hot water (approximately 93 ºC) over the coffee to moisten it. This will release all the desired components of the coffee.

6- Pour more water on top, until the base is soaked.

7- Once you have obtained the amount you want of coffee, raise the filter to be able to remove all the excess.

Number of cups: 1 to 6 cups.
Maximum capacity: 880 ml


- Coffee maker made of borosilicate glass.

- Wooden collar

- Leather tape (It is placed in the USA manually).

Model: CM-6A

The "Shipping Weight" is 2 kgs. This weight is used to calculate shipping costs (in some products it may be different from the actual weight)

Shipments up to 1.5 kg. They have a cost of € 2.99 for Madrid and € 3.99 for the rest of the Peninsula. Shipments over 1.5 kg. They cost € 3.99 to Madrid and € 5.99 to the rest of the Peninsula (without weight limit). All our shipments are made by express courier 24 hours.

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