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Decaffeinated Soluble Coffee

Origin: Colombia
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The decaffeinated Colombia that accompanies you everywhere

A 100% Colombian Decaffeinated Arabica coffee that dissolves instantly in water or milk. This soluble coffee has been prepared by freeze-drying, the most natural method that best preserves the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

Did you know that freeze drying is the most natural method and that best preserves the aroma and flavor of instant coffee?

La Mexicana's freeze-dried coffee is your best travel companion, it can be prepared anywhere without the need for a coffee maker. You just have to add milk or hot water to savor the authentic taste of 100% pure Colombian coffee.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried coffees at Cafés La Mexicana only include one ingredient, CAFE COLOMBIA 100% ARABICA.

Net Weight: 100g

The "Shipping Weight" is 0.25 kgs. This magnitude is used to calculate shipping costs and takes into account both the actual weight and the volume.

Shipments up to 1.5 kg. They have a cost of € 2.99 for Madrid and € 3.99 for the rest of the Peninsula. Shipments over 1.5 kg. They cost € 3.99 to Madrid and € 5.99 to the rest of the Peninsula (without weight limit). All our shipments are made by express courier 24 hours.

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