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Pack "Call me Classic" + Espresso Cup

Origin: Various origins
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Try our Classics! - Online Exclusive

A pack to give away or to give you and thus be able to taste our great classics. Classic Origin Colombia Natural, 1890 Own Natural Blend and Decaffeinated Origin Colombia Natural. Our great icons.

Now, take our Espresso cup from Cafés La Mexicana as a gift while supplies last.

Enjoy them at different times of the day.

The pack includes:

- Classic Origin Colombia Natural 250 gr.

- 1890 Natural Own Blend 250 gr.

- Decaffeinated Origin Colombia Natural 250 gr.

- Espresso Mug from Cafés La Mexicana as a Gift. (While stocks last)

Classic ORIGIN COLOMBIA. Natural Roast.

100% Arabica washed

Colombia is the main producer of soft coffees in the world. Its proximity to the equator, the altitude of its coffee plantations and its fertile soil provide excellent grains throughout the year. Among them, those classified as Supremo sieve 18, are the most appreciated for their flavor and aroma.

Soft, aromatic and balanced. Perfect for any type of preparation.

1890 BLEND OWN. Natural Roast.

100% Arabica washed

Colombia, Tanzania and Zambia.

We combine the smoothness of Colombia Supremo, the body and strength of Tanzania AA with the peculiar flavor of Zambia AA to create a coffee that commemorates our 120th Anniversary. Intense and full-bodied, with a traditional and intoxicating flavor, slightly fruity, that will transport you to 1890.

Perfect for all coffee makers and to drink alone or with milk.

Decaffeinated ORIGIN COLOMBIA. Natural Roast.

100% Arabica washed

Using one of the best coffees in the world for a decaf… it's only for true coffee fanatics. Colombian coffee, washed arabica, smooth and aromatic, but without caffeine. Enjoy a comforting cup of coffee anytime.

Soft, light and tasty in any preparation.

It is recommended to take alone.

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