Preciados Store, 24. 1970 and 2020

La Mexicana. 130 years living and breathing coffee.

Ours is more than a story: it is a life. Lived around good coffee. The best coffee.

Lived with artisan dedication. With great dedication. With honesty and respect for the good coffee drinker, the origin of each bean, the quality that only the authentic achieves. A story lived at the foot of the street, in shops that flood the mornings and afternoons of cities with their aroma.

Lived in cafes and terraces, with friends and family. In our factory and in each house. A story that lives on in every cup. Celebrated with innovation and know-how. Every day for 130 years.

It starts with a friendship between two very special people in 1890’s Madrid.

A lively, effervescent city that a Mexican fell in love with during one of her trips. A brave, visionary woman. A 21st century woman who in the middle of the 19th century decides to put down roots in Spain and buy a store on Preciados street. By searching and asking "Who roasts the best coffee in Madrid?" they told her it was "Jose Rodríguez, without a doubt”. And it was true. The fame of that self-taught craftsman spread through the streets like the aroma of his coffee. He had started by roasting some beans in his backyard that he had received as payment for one of his jobs.

His talent, his passion and his entrepreneurial intuition are the basis of the coffee culture that has accompanied us to this day. They are still alive in our factory in Madrid and in each of our 16 stores.

A fresh coffee, of the best quality, roasted daily, ground at the moment, always in front of the customer.

So pure, so true, so handmade, so respectful, so honest. The coffee shop has become 130 years later the benchmark brand for lovers of good coffee and its best varieties. (And it’s a fact that our store in Preciados, is the one that sells the most coffee in the world according to the Guinness Record).

From parents to children. An innovative spirit, a flavor always alive.

From that union came much more than the name of the store, which people continued to call “La Mexicana”, even after she returned to her country, handing over the business to the Rodríguez family. His innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, his vocation to make the culture of good coffee grow, have always accompanied us. In 1996 we launched our first Blend designed for espresso. In 1998, we again pioneered a line of specialty coffees with unique origins: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez. Second generation General Manager.
Alvaro Rodriguez. Third generation. Retail Director.
Iria Rodríguez. Third generation. CEO.

The Christmas limited edition started in 2009 and have been back every year since then. 2010 was the year to look back and celebrate our 120th anniversary with "La Mexicana 1890", a blend in homage to all of our history. In 2013, we once again took the coffee culture further: we became the first coffee brand in Spain to sell online. In 24 hours we deliver the best freshly roasted coffee anywhere on the peninsula. In 2016 we launched Fanatico, a new passionate brand for lovers of origin coffee. Extremely current and deeply authentic. Connected with new generations and new settings redefined by coffee lovers.

Year after year, we have built relationships of trust with good coffee and with the people and communities that make it possible. With the producers of the best grains, with selected farms around the world: from Africa to Latin America or Indonesia. Fair, sustainable relationships, based on respect and the shared vocation to achieve the highest quality. Small producers who earn our trust grain by grain, season by season. And that they always have us by their side.

Preciados Store, 24. Madrid.
Fanatico Cafe. Alfonso Gómez, 15. Madrid.

From Madrid to around the World

Day by day, we share life around our coffee. In the bars and cafes of our city, Madrid. We live it intensely in stores with as much tradition as that of Conde de Peñalver (1969), Fuencarral (1984) or Bravo Murillo (1996). And the new immersive concepts such as “Fanatico Cafe”, a different coffee shop. Where you can buy our specialty coffee or enjoy it surrounded by the industrial environment of our own factory. Cafes La Mexicana can be enjoyed around the world.

Together, living and breathing coffee for 130 years. We continue to grow hand by hand with the third generation of the Rodríguez family. Innovating, creating new blends, taking our quality, our processes further. Traveling and searching for new origins, reaching even more special farms, connecting with new communities of producers. Renovating our stores. Flooding the streets with that special smell of freshly roasted coffee. Life goes on for La Mexicana, always living and breathing coffee. The best coffee since 1890. A lifetime.

Our trajectory

1890 → Preciado store opening

A Mexican, the daughter of Spanish couple, opens a small store on Preciados street. Shop that began to become famous in the city for the quality and aroma that flooded the streets of Madrid. With it, a philosophy was born: to always offer the best quality. A fresh and freshly roasted coffee.

1969 → Opening of Peñalver store

In 1969 Cafes La Mexicana opened its second specialty coffee shop at Conde de Peñalver 11. A strategic location near the factory where the coffee is roasted. This store was born due to the growing demand for coffee that the Preciados store cannot cover. The main objective of this opening was to bring good coffee to all people.

1984 → Opening of Fuencarral store

The success of Cafes La Mexicana translates into the opening of its third store in the city center at Fuencarral street, 115. A store in one of the most privileged streets of the city and that today continues to aromatize the neighbours.

1990 → Honored centennial commemorative plaque

We are celebrating 100 years since the opening of our store on Preciados street. That is why we are honored by the Madrid City Council with a commemorative plaque designed by Antonio Mingote (Spanish artist) that identifies us as distinguished historical business 'providing service to citizens, Cafes La Mexicana combines antiquity, quality, a desire for renewal, and adaptation, serving as a reference to the local collective memory '.

1991 → We entered the Guinness Book of Records

After more than 100 years selling coffee, we are awarded by the Guinness World Record for the store that has sold the most coffee in the world in the last 25 years. For selling 5,303,175 kg of coffee in our store of only 20m2 with an average of 1000 people per day. Record that remains unbeatable.

1996 → Bravo Murillo Opening

The expansion of Cafes La Mexicana continues its course in Madrid and it is time to bring outstanding coffee to the busy street of Bravo Murillo, 123 in the Cuatro Caminos neighbourhood. A small shop that to this day is still one of our main points of sale right in front of the Maravillas Market.


The hands of our master roaster created our first blend. DESIGNED FOR ESPRESSO. A balanced blend of Arabica coffees and perfect to be enjoyed black or latte. A masterpiece.

1998 → Specialty coffees launch

We introduce our ‘Private Selection’ in our range of coffees. A line of specialty coffees with unique origins. We are pioneers in the sale of this type of coffee in Spain.

Costa Rica, Guatemala and Tanzania. They were the first origins to see the light and months later were followed by Ethiopia and Kenya did. Today we have six origins in the specialty coffees category.


Christmas coffee is our best kept secret. A coffee that returns every year and that is already part of Christmas tradition. We have created a special coffee Christmas scent and we are really proud of it.

2010 → A tribute blend: 1890 La Mexicana

To commemorate our 120 years of experience, we created something unique: The 1890 blend. With so many years of experience and thanks to our know-how, we managed to produce a balanced and delicious coffee for any type of brewing and coffee beverage. Today, it is still one of our most popular coffees.

2013 → We begin the digital adventure. We open our e-commerce.

We are the first coffee brand in Spain to sell coffee online. Pioneers in the sector. We open our online store to supply fresh and freshly roasted coffee to the entire Peninsula. Today it is a booming channel that has more subscribers every day.

2016 → FanAtico by Cafés La Mexicana is born

Fanatico is the new brand of specialty origin coffees created by Cafes La Mexicana. We want to convey the extreme passion for an authentic specialty coffee. Fanatico claims the diversity, the uniqueness, the richness of the coffee farm, the greatness the origin. Because there is not one coffee but many. And each one is unique. We want to share it with great fans of the best coffee. This is the start of our great journey. In 2016 we also inaugurated Fanatico Cafe. The unique coffee shop within a coffee factory, our factory. At Alfonso Gómez street, 15 in Madrid. A complete immersive experience around our world: the best coffee.

2018 → New store opening in Aluche

We keep growing! And we opened a new store in the Aluche neighborhood, in the most commercial street Illescas, 51. One more challenge, overcome and fulfilled. In 2018 “El Economista” newspaper and “eInforma” awarded us with the Certificate of “Excellence in Business Management”.

And you, are you #PeopleOfGoodCoffee?

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