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Pour Over Coffee Maker Black-Gold MELITTA® EPOS® With Grinder

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Drip coffee maker with integrated grinder and exquisite design 

With the Melitta® EPOS® coffee machine, every second of coffee preparation is a sensory experience. The first electric Pour Over system with integrated grinder prepares coffee as exquisite as if you brewed it by hand. From the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans to the first sip. Its elegant design, perfect functionality and professional brewing method will conquer every coffee lover. 

Every detail of this coffee machine has been designed to perfect the ritual of coffee preparation: the rotating water nozzle with individual brewing profiles, the pre-infusion function and the constant temperature throughout the brewing process combine to create an unrivalled sensory experience. 


Red Dot Award 2020 

The Melitta® EPOS® 2020 coffee machine has been awarded the Red Dot Award for its innovative design. 

360° water spout 

The 360° rotating water nozzle with alternating direction of rotation ensures that the hot water is distributed precisely and evenly throughout the coffee. Thanks to this system, optimum the coffee powder is optimally wetted in an unique way - inspired by the gentle circular movements used in the preparation of handmade filter coffee. 

Integrated grinder 

The perfect Pour Over coffee starts with freshly ground beans, especially with ours. The variable grind setting of the integrated conical grinder of the Melitta® EPOS® allows you to adjust the grind from coarse to fine - you decide how you like it. 

Whole beans or ground coffee - the choice is yours. 

This coffee machine gives you the option of using coffee beans or ground coffee for filter coffee machines. 

Pre-infusion for the ideal blooming 

The pre-brewing function moistens the coffee beans or powder with hot water before the actual brewing process begins, allowing the coffee to macerate for a short time. This allows the coffee to optimally unfold its aroma.

Variable coffee strength 

You can adjust the intensity of your Pour Over coffee in three levels. The Melitta® EPOS® adjusts the correct amount of ground coffee for the required number of cups according to the set coffee strength. 

Award-winning excellence 

The brewing technology of the Melitta® EPOS® was awarded the seal of the prestigious European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) in Oslo. This seal is only awarded to filter coffee machines that meet the highest quality standards in coffee preparation. Exceptional certified coffee quality - for this reason, we grant a three-year extended factory warranty on the Melitta® EPOS®.

Heating plate 

Filter coffee tastes best freshly brewed. But if you can't enjoy your freshly brewed coffee straight away, the integrated warming plate will keep it safely warm for up to 40 minutes. After this time, the coffee machine switches off automatically. 

Modern touch panel 

The modern touch panel makes it easy to operate the Melitta® EPOS®. You can switch the EPOS® coffee machine on and off, set the cup quantity, brewing strength and the pre-infusion function individually. Your  coffee flavour can be selected with the touch of a button. 

Practical LED limescale indicator 

Regular descaling of your coffee machine is essential for excellent coffee taste and a long service life of your coffee machine. The practical LED limescale indicator on the Melitta® EPOS® lights up when it is time to descale the machine. 

*Free gift: pack of 100 La Mexicana® filters.



Weight (kg): 6.5 

Dishwasher-safe parts: Jug lid, Borosilicate glass jug and removable filter holder 

Warranty: 3 Years 

Anti-drip function: Removable filter holder 

Type designation (Carafe): RJ-B-04-bk 

Special features: Separate heating element for keeping warm, Separate heating element for keeping warm, 360° rotatable water spout, End of brew signal 

Aroma function: Verschiedene Brühprofile, Different brewing profiles, Aroma Premium Technology 

Dimensions: 36 x 40 x 40.5 cm 

Awards: ECBC-certified 

Display: No 

Design type: 1024-11; 1024-12 

Carafe type: Glass carafe 

Decalcification function: Calcification display 

Drip stop: Yes 

Hot maintenance tray: 40 minutes 

Timer function: No 

Filter size: 4 

Water tank volume (L): 1.00 

Maximum coffee capacity: 8 cups 

Colour: Black Chrome, Black and Silver

Automatic shut-off: Yes 

Model range: Epos.  

Water tank: Removable, Transparent, Removable, With cup markings 

Delivery time: 5 to 7 working days.

The "Shipping Weight" is 2.5 kgs. This weight is used to calculate shipping costs (for some products it may be different from the actual weight).

Shipments up to 1.5 kg. They have a cost of € 2.99 for Madrid and € 3.99 for the rest of the Peninsula. Shipments over 1.5 kg. They cost € 3.99 to Madrid and € 5.99 to the rest of the Peninsula (without weight limit). All our shipments are made by express courier 24 hours.

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